Verify Changes to Personal Information

Any changes to personal information, including SSN, DOB, surname, etc. must be done via the TEACH System; their portal address is  Contact information for the Office of Teaching Initiatives can be found here.  We recommend teachers do not mention the roster verification process or ePMF and simply request verification and/or update of personal information.

Any changes made electronically in the TEACH System to Date of Birth, Social Security Number and surname will be reflected in the Teacher Access & Authorization (TAA) platform.  This should not prevent a teacher from verifying rosters in TSRV as long as the teacher recognizes the name associated with the account (it is linked to SSN and DOB), and the school/courses/students assigned to the teacher.


Name change - Teach and TAA are two separate applications. As long as your DOB, SSN and Teach ID are the same then there will be no effect on your roster or ePMF (BEDS form) regardless of your name difference. You will not be able to change your name in the TAA application you will have to do this with the Teach office (518) 474-3901. Once we reload our information from Teach your name will be updated.


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