Teacher Account Creation and Account Reset in TAA

The new secure email (Token) process initiated in 2016-17 replaces the prior Personal Identification Number (PIN) process for TAA teacher authentication. PINs are no longer generated and posted to the NYSED Business Portal. Previously, administrators had to retrieve PINs and distribute them to teachers. Teachers can now create and reset their own accounts utilizing their staff emails.

Tokens are generated for teachers who do not have active TAA accounts or require an account reset. For teachers with current active accounts, no action will be required unless you cannot recall your password and security questions and need to reset your account. After requesting an account reset, you would then need to utilize the new Token process.

Following a valid record in your district, BOCES or charter school Staff Snapshot data submitted to the state and a teacher completing Step 1 in the account creation process, a token will be generated and sent to the teacher’s Staff Snapshot email address (work email). The teacher clicks on the link with the token and is directed to the TAA system and begins the account creation or reset process. For teachers that require an account reset, they will have to provide the last 4 digits of their social security number, date of birth, and 7-digit TEACH ID. (Your district may store your TEACH ID with two leading zeros.) The single use token will then be emailed to the teacher’s work email address.

Teachers working in more than one district or BOCES will still only have one TAA account through which they can access data reported by multiple employers. If one of these teachers needs to reset an account (for failure to recall a password and security questions), an email notification with a new token will go to both staff emails reported by the districts or BOCES.

See the diagram below for an overview of the account process.


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