Who is Required to Complete an ePMF Form?

The electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) collection, data must be submitted through the Staff Snapshot template to Level 2 in order to appropriately link staff to their district and school location. Staff Snapshot records active during the current school with field 8 populated with “TEACHER,” will generate a secure email (Token) for teachers who currently do not have an TAA account, needed for creation and access to the ePMF and/or Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) data accessed through the Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) system at: https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa/. The new Token process initiated in 2016-17, replaced the prior PIN process for TAA teacher authentication. Starting on September 13th , 2016, PINs will no longer be generated and posted to the NYSED Business Portal. The new Token TAA account creation process will begin by the end of September 2016.

Teachers with active TAA accounts do not need a Token. They would log in using their username (usually their LEA email) and their password. There is one TAA account for each teacher, though those teaching in more than one LEA will have an ePMF form for each LEA that loaded that teacher’s TEACH ID into Staff Snapshot.

Non-teachers will not be completing ePMF forms and do not need TAA accounts. Administrators with entitlements to TAA can review teacher submitted data via the TAA application using their SEDDAS credentials. The school district, charter, or BOCES CEO (as listed in the NY SEDREF database) is able to entitle users to TAA/TSRV/PMF through the NYSED Business Portal using the SED Delegated System (SEDDAS).


Those individuals employed by public school districts, charter schools and BOCES that provide direct educational instruction to students must complete the ePMF form.  In most cases, these individuals would be defined as teaching personnel.

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