Reviewing Your Roster Data

On the TSRV welcome page, you will want to use the dropdowns to display data for a particular year, school, course, and/or section. In the example below, you have the option to select which course you want to view data for (e.g. Grade 4 English Language Arts, Mathematics). If you teach in multiple schools you will see the various schools listed for you to choose from. If you teach multiple sections of a course then you will use the dropdown menus to choose which section you want to view data for. Each year will contain data for all the schools you were assigned to during that school year.

Once you make your year, school, course, and/or section selections you will be brought to the report.

In prior years, all courses were displayed with both assessment dates and end of year dates (e.g. April and June). 

 Since only courses linked to state assessments are reported here in 2016-17, they will automatically display an Assessment Snapshot date

 If you do not see data it is likely the assessment roster data have not been reported by your district/school/BOCES. If data are available please review for accuracy.

If you see inaccuracies, please work with your administrator or district data coordinator. NYSED cannot alter teacher data submitted to the state data warehouse. Corrected data can be viewed after it is uploaded to the NYSED data warehouse.

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