Charter School HQ

Highly Qualified/Out of Certification reports are generated for charter schools as well as school districts and BOCES.  An assignment certification of “None” indicates that the teacher did not possess a valid teaching certificate for any subject area. An assignment certification of “Charter Oth/No Cert Req” indicates that the teacher held a valid teaching certificate, though not for the specific assignment being taught. The “C” next to each teacher’s name indicates that the teacher lacked specific subject area certification. Please note that a “C” will be displayed for informational purposes for “Charter Oth/No Cert Req” assignments even though the teacher does not need for certification for such assignments.

 An incorrectly reported assignment code may have caused a teacher to appear as Not Certified or Not Highly Qualified. If an incorrect assignment code for a teacher is listed, the correction must be made on the teacher’s ePMF form.

When changing an assignment code, a new “HQ” status will be determined by the Department. This status will be determined for each core class based on whether the teacher is found to be certified.

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