ePMF Collection

The electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) application used to collect teacher data is accessed via the Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) system https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa/ .

Requirements for ePMF Form Visibility:

1. Staff Snapshot Identifying Teachers – Only those individuals that have Field 8 on the Staff Snapshot (the job description field) populated with "TEACHER" will have an ePMF form. If teachers who were previously listed in TAA are no longer visible, make sure "TEACHER" was not inadvertently removed from this field. This can be corrected on a subsequent Staff Snapshot upload. Leave Field 8 blank for staff that will not be submitting an ePMF teacher form. A Staff Snapshot record must be reported before any other staff record type for that person can be reported. The Staff Snapshot verification report will assist in identifying teachers that should have completed ePMF forms.

2. Tokens- Tokens are generated for teachers who do not have active TAA accounts or require an account reset. Following a valid record in Staff Snapshot, a token will be generated and sent to the teacher’s Staff Snapshot email address. The teacher clicks on the link with the token and is directed to the TAA system and begins the account creation process.

For teachers that require an account reset, they will have to provide the last 4 digits of their social security number, date of birth, and 7-digit (Your district may store your TEACH ID with two leading zeros) TEACH ID. A single use token will then be emailed to the teacher’s Staff Snapshot email address. The teacher clicks on the link with the token and is directed to the TAA system and begins the account creation process.

3. Administrator Form Creation Option – If a teacher was responsible for a class and left the district before he or she logged into TAA and generated a form, an administrator may create a form with the teacher data during the administrator review process (please refer to ePMF timeline). TAA/TSRV/ePMF administrators will see the option "CREATE FORM" in TAA for those teachers loaded in Staff Snapshot for whom a token was generated, but never logged in for form creation. Administrators may complete these forms and "Submit" them.

Removing a Teacher from Staff Snapshot:

This should only occur if an employee does not belong to the district during the current school year. If a staff member is erroneously reported to Level 2, a soft delete can be done by sending a "D" for Field 41 (Active/Inactive). Your Regional Information Center (RIC) can assist with this.

At this time, even though a Delete flag is set in Staff Snapshot, those individuals will still be listed in TAA. Teachers listed with a "DELETE" should not be visible on the TAA administration screen and will not receive a PIN. If they had previously created a TAA account, they will still be able to log in to the system, but they will not see an ePMF form.

Legal Requirement for Teacher Submitted Data:

According to Section 80-1.9 of the NYS Education Regulations, each individual holding a teaching certificate is required to annually file with the Department, a fully completed Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) personnel data form on a date prescribed by the Commissioner of Education. The ePMF BEDS form meets this requirement.

ePMF/TAA Documentation:

Direct links from TAA: https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa/ 

ePMF Guidance for Teachers (Updated TAA User Guides, ePMF Manuals and ePMF FAQs):


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