Electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF)

All classroom teachers who provide general or special education instruction, including Career and Technical Education (CTE), library and Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are required to complete their Personnel Master File electronically through the Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA) system. This will ensure that PMF data are secure and private. This is the same system teachers currently use to view their Teacher Student Roster Verification reports. The ePMF application will be available in October. Teachers can enter and revise their data in ePMF until January/February. ePMF will collect the same data elements that have in prior years been collected on the BEDS green “bubble sheets.” These elements include BEDS location, gender, degree status, NCLB professional development, education experience, months employed, percent time employed, current annual salary, and assignment information (assignment code, grade level, registration, and how a teacher demonstrates Out of Certification, if applicable). You will access your ePMF form and roster data at this location https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa/ **Please note that some areas of the ePMF form are reported from your district's Staff Snapshot and is the official source for data. Please contact your administrator if there is an error in what is reported, they will make the appropriate corrections.